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Tuesday evenings. The Clubhouse - University of Ulster, Jordanstown.

Wednesday evenings. Grove Webbbeing Centre, Shore Road, Belfast.
Thursday evenings. Merville House,


Welcome to the Merville Ju-Jitsu Club website, Our club was established in 2005 has been operating since then from our permanent home, Merville House in Newtownabbey.

Our emphasis is on developing self defence skills and training hard . We are part of the Kaizen Ju Jitsu Group (www.kaizenjujitsu.org).

We train in Stand-Up Striking, Clinch/ Grappling and Groundfighting with an emphasis on practical self-defence. Many of our students also compete in competition to test their skills under pressure.

Training sessions are usually very physical, but always with an emphasis on safety and technique. Club members develop confidence and real defensive skills that we put into practice against resistance in a safe, supervised, training environment.

And we have fun doing it ! We like a good workout, with plenty of craic, and try not to take ourselves too seriously !

We run separate clubs for kids and adults (to find out more about the club please visit our Junior and Adult Club sections on the navigation menu) and although we always welcome new members, we try to keep numbers to a manageable level, so everyone gets as much benefit as possible .

We're not the biggest club in the country but we like it that way. There's always room for a couple more if you're prepared to train regularly and push yourself hard..

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Clubs for Adults & Children

  • Senior Clubs
  • Jordanstown Ju-Jitsu Senior Club training takes place on Tuesdays (18:45 to 20:15) .
  • Grove Ju-Jitsu Senior Club training takes place on Wednesdays (19:00 to 21:00) .
  • Merville Ju-Jitsu Senior Club training takes place on Thursdays (20:15 to 21:45) .
  • Why not come along & give it a go? We look forward to seeing you.
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  • Junior Clubs
  • Grove Junior Club runs on Wednesday evenings (19:30 start)
  • Merville Junior Club runs on Thursday evenings (18:45 start).
  • The session lasts 75 minutes and is aimed at the 7 – 15 yr age group. The Mat Monkey & Junior Grappler Ju-Jitsu classes cover the full spectrum of practical Martial Arts skills. These include striking, throws, take downs and fighting on the floor, plus we use games to help develop other attributes, making for very productive training.
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